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Friends and Family much more than just recipes!
Whether you are an engaged couple searching for unique wedding favors,
an organization looking for a sure-fire fundraiser, or a family wishing to create an heirloom,

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We are a different kind of cookbook publisher!

~ We welcome your photos (70 of them!) and your stories along with your recipes. These are the things that make your book meaningful and distinctive. Include a recipe in your grandmother's handwriting along with her picture. Or feature photos of people in your church or organization. We'll help you with ideas. No extra charge for photo cropping or minor repair. Check out our new low pricing for color photos.

~ We are user-friendly! You may use our toll-free number to talk directly to the person creating your cookbook. We will try to accommodate your special requests. Low 50-book minimum order and you don't have to type your recipes! We'll do that for you. If you reorder within 30 days of receipt of your initial order, we'll refigure the entire bill based on the total # of books ordered. We know of no other publisher who makes this offer! YouFundraiser cookbook and family keepsake can then reorder as few as 15 books at a time, and the price never goes up.

~ We can be speedy! We usually send you your proof copy in four to six weeks and after you return it to us with your corrections, we print and ship your books within a week or two.

~ Just need a printer? If you are a do-it-yourselfer and your book is “print ready”, we can act as your printer more reasonably than it would cost you to have your books printed elsewhere. Call for details.