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Imagine your recipes and photos in a book like this!

It's easy!

Gather recipes from your guests! Gather them at your bridal shower, or ask for them when you send your "Save the Date" cards, or just call your relatives and friends and ask for their favorite recipes! We need all recipes and photos at least eight weeks before your wedding. We'll send a rough draft for you to proofread before we print the books for your wedding reception.

Make it personal!

Add extra pages. Give us 70 photos to include. We have some standard wedding covers or we can use your photo on the cover!

Why these wedding favors are a great idea!

These books are a great ice-breaker! A real source of conversation around the dining tables! Guests know that you have collected recipes from them, but imagine your Aunt Martha's surprise to find her picture right next to her recipe! It's such a nice way to let your guests know that they are all a special part of your lives and your wedding day. They will think of you each time they use the book. It will be a real family heirloom. Order extra copies to give your children and grandchildren some day!

Wedding Favor Sample Pages

Front and back covers, in color, from a recent wedding favor cookbook.