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Who We Are...


We are a small group of moms who live in the Dayton, Fundraiser cookbooks and family keepsakesOhio area. We thoroughly enjoy cooking and thought this would be a great thing to do now that our kids are grown. We love what we do and pride ourselves in producing the very best and most accurate cookbooks possible. If we suspect you left something out of a recipe, we'll let you know!! Some of us are fairly artistic... and can use your artwork or photos to design a cover for you at no extra charge.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we are able to run this business from out of our homes. If you call our 800 number, you will reach the home/print shop of owner Kathy LeFevre, where the books are printed and assembled. Our highest quality laser printers allow us great flexibility. We are able to make last minute additions and changes for you quickly -- and the print and photo quality is tops. Whether you need 50 books or 1000 books, Kathy and her team can fill your orders and re-orders quickly. We have been in operation since 2001, and strive to be the best and most user-friendly cookbook publisher out there.

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